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Céline Duris, her commitment to ECHO-MER

👀 ZOOM on a committed personality :

As part of Waste Reduction Week 🚮 taking place this year from 18 to 26/11, we wanted to share with you a new portrait of an actress committed to this cause!

Their commitment led us to enhance our game “Les En’Jeux du Bassin” by adding a corresponding card: RECYCLING WASTE ♻

Céline DURIS is in charge of ECHO-MER ‘s mission to protect the oceans and the environment.

The association was created in 2001 in La Rochelle (17) and is involved in a number of projects relating to the marine environment and sustainable development. Echo-Mer is a laboratory for testing and experimentation, echoing the views of all those (individuals, local authorities and companies) who are taking action to preserve man and his environment.

🎤 What is your connection with the biotope (the sea) and have you noticed any changes in biodiversity?

My link is to the West Indies, where I lived for a few years and witnessed the degradation of this environment in such a short space of time.

🎤How does your activity affect the biotope and its environment?

Raising awareness among the general public!

Our actions revolve around data transmission and exchange.

🎤How does biodiversity affect you?

It’s where we live, where we recharge our batteries, the air we breathe!

We’re all concerned!

🎤How have policies and regulations affected your business and your relationship with the biotope? Do you think these regulations are effective in protecting the park and the species that live there?

I think we’ve got a long way to go to change everyone’s habits and understand priorities.

🎤What are the main challenges you face in your work with this biotope?

The challenge is to make ourselves heard, to get people to put the environment and “eco-gestures” at the heart of their interests.

To provide information that helps us better understand certain pollutant impacts.

Make room for education without using punitive ecology.

“Working together for better protection”.

If you’re curious, you’ll find the links below to find out more about Echo-Mer’s actions:

Website 💻: https://echo

Facebook: https: //

LinkedIn: https: //

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