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"Design through biomimicry


Innovation through bio-inspired design and listening to the living world

Biomimicry, a process of innovation and engineering taking its source of inspiration from the materials, processes and functions of living things.

Our services

Biomimetic design

We offer a Biomimicry approach to design.

Depending on your technical issues of energy efficiency and/or ecological transformation, we apply organized stages of reflection with a strong “immersion” in marine life that inspires us to find concrete solutions to challenges.

To protect, inspire and understand, we need to study. In collaboration with young scientists, environmental associations and universities, we welcome young scientists on a “low-science summer exploration camp” to help us study our beloved environments, and then draw inspiration and lessons from their findings, which we turn into popularized knowledge to promote transitions.

Biomimetic process model

Image taken from the "focus Lab Biomimétisme de l'institut des futurs souhaitables" training course.

Who is this service for?

Our customers are manufacturers who need to be helped and guided with innovative approaches, in a caring and guilt-free manner.

Industrial players who may have a direct and/or indirect impact on the aquatic and/or marine environment and who seek to contribute to ecological and/or energy transitions

Our ambition

Reconnecting our customers with the marine life that surrounds them, so that they can find technical and operational solutions to their transitions.

An innovative approach

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