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Facilitate the collaboration of your teams in individual and collective transformation projects

Our services

Training and/or awareness-raising adapted to all profiles!

Facilitation, coaching and personal development are our key tools.

In this context, we offer training and awareness-raising initiatives rooted in the real world.

Qualiopi certification

With Qualiopi certification since September 2021, your training courses can be supported by your OPCOs for your various training projects.

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Transferring knowledge

You'll find many advantages in our range of training courses, such as the transmission of knowledge thanks to our refined expertise and know-how, as well as numerous illustrations from the field.

Training package

This training package ranges from fun games (cards, interactive quizzes, etc.) to high-performance technological training.

Dynamism and quality

We do our utmost to make your training dynamic, to share our experience, knowledge and quality content.

Professionals or individuals

Whether you're a professional or an individual, our training courses are tailored to your profile and availability (depending on the course, we can offer on-site or distance learning).


We work with quality partner trainers and consultants who are involved in the Sirena community and share our values.

Our training courses

For professionals

We can offer you all our training courses (1 to 11). Qualifying training courses providing you with knowledge of ISO standards and audits are just what you need! But playful, dynamic training courses such as frescoes are also ideal for team sharing.

For private customers

The training courses (8 to 11) are for you, especially if you want to learn more about biodiversity, or even take advantage of a card game to deepen your knowledge of the Arcachon Basin, the climate or even the ocean (children’s game available!).


Arcachon, the proximity of the sea, the curiosity cabinet library, the gentle welcome, the respect for each person’s pace, the joy of sharing, the quality of the bond between participants, the content of the training… “Details make perfection, but perfection is not a detail”!!!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us, and we look forward to the next one!

Sabine C.

Biodiversity training - 2024

A moment of sharing during an ocean fresco.
Carine is passionate about her work and possesses many skills and qualities.

Audrey R.

Fresco Océane - 2022

This training course in Arcachon is a rejuvenating experience. In content and form. Individually and collectively.

It’s the perfect compass-like device to help us navigate the challenges we face.

Emmanuelle G.

Biodiversity training - 2024

Customer satisfaction rate over 2024

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